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The Defense Industrial Base Conference (DIBCON)

What is DIBCON

The number of small manufacturers in the U.S. defense industrial base is shrinking. Thousands of businesses - more than 40% of the total - have left the space over the past decade. In order to keep our nation’s armed forces moving, we must create new bridges between the Department of Defense and the nation’s manufacturing base.

The Defense Industrial Base Conference (DIBCON) was created to address this need. While other defense industry conferences and manufacturing expos exist, there is no single national event that brings together small manufacturers, economic development organizations, defense industry leaders, and DoD.

Until now.

Only direct engagement will get new manufacturers to raise their hand and say they want to help. We need to empower these small businesses to compete to aid our nation’s defensive surge capacity. The purpose of DIBCON is to create that opportunity.

Who is The Knudsen Institute

 The Knudsen Institute

The Knudsen Institute is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Chickasha, Oklahoma. The Institute’s mission is to strengthen the surge capacity of the U.S. defense industrial base with a focus on small and medium sized manufacturers (SMMs). We seek to embody the spirit of the Institute’s namesake, William S. Knudsen – the architect and driving force behind establishing America’s defense manufacturing base leading up to and throughout World War II.

Our organization develops public policy, workforce development, and applied research solutions through an interdisciplinary approach to re-establish America’s domestic manufacturing base in support of our nation’s warfighters. In addition to our partnership with ARCTOS to host DIBCON, the Institute has begun developing promising technology solutions using deep learning and machine learning; new methods of data collection; and new approaches to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Additionally, Knudsen has launched Project 81, a manufacturing small business incubator program that provides access to cutting edge manufacturing equipment to small manufacturers seeking to engage with the DoD, as well as to career technical centers and universities to supplement their educational opportunities.

Visit us at www.surgetheory.org to learn more and to get involved.


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Meet the DIBCON Committee

Alex Gray    
Managing Partner & former Deputy Assistant to the
President of the United States

American Global Strategies

Allyson Carson    
Director of Membership & Development
Oklahoma Defense Industry Association (ODIA)

Brad Mowdy    
Owner & Manufacturing subject matter expert
Mowdy Machine

Caitlin Nicolson    
Senior Vice President of Programs
Knudsen Institute

Carl Pickard    
Industrial Supply Chain Subject Matter Expert

Elise Rountree    
Meetings Coordinator

Elissa Lyons    
Senior Graphic Designer

James Skinner    
Vice President for AGS & former Special Assistant to the U.S. National Security Advisor
American Global Strategies

Janelle Stafford    
Regional Business Development Manager & Air & Space Forces Association National Director
MOOG, Inc.

Jill Jennewine    
Director, Meetings Management

Katie Curtner    
Meeting & Event Coordinator

Kris Kaiser    
Graphics Team Manager

Kristi Altstatt    
Logistics Management Specialist
Alstatt Consulting

Lee Levy    
Global Strategic Thought leaders & Board of Directors and Chair of Logistics Management Division
Levy Group

Loren Smith    
Executive Director & former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy at Department of Transportation
Knudsen Institute

Lynn Tomaszewski    
Director Government Programs; NSBA Leadership Council; & MERIT Board Chair
Sellmark Corporation

Maurice Compton    
Owner & CEO

Michael Farmer    
Aerospace and Defense Supply Chain Subject Matter Expert
Viking Innovations

Michael Morford    
Founder & Chairman
Knudsen Institute

Mike Boyte    
Manufacturing/Operations Management and Improvement
Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center (TMAC)

Nicola Frisby    
Critical Components Aerospace

Tim Frisby    
Managing Partner
Critical Components Aerospace

Rick Vance    
Technology and Infrastructure Manager

Taylor Jackson    
Skilled Machinist & Small Business Owner Subject Matter Expert
Knudsen Institute

Tony Weedn    
Founder BaseConnect

2024 Sponsors & Partners

Thanks to the following companies for supporting the 2024 conference.

June 3-5, 2025

Oklahoma City Convention Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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